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Professor Doyle, leading expert on ancient pokemon, has announced a new expedition! This comes at heel of his most current thrashing in the scientific community. The fossil digs and reanimation research he has done in the past are fading from the public eye, and he has not had a significant find, until now. Or so the Prof. Claims, his colleagues assure this reporter that his current most theory relating to fossilization, reanimation, and habitats of extinct pokemon are purely conjecture. The theory? That there may still be pockets of extinct pokemon may still be around today.

Enraged Prof. Doyle has begun to assemble a group of individuals to join him on his latest expedition. To where he claims there are pokemon still living today, those that by our own accounts are ‘extinct’. That we have only ever seen due to Prof. Doyle’s reanimation machines. He claims there is a valley in the highest reaches of the Kartou region, that still supports these ancient lifeforms. As the were, not as they are today. Their ‘natural’ types. What ever those may be. The only evidence that Prof. Doyle happens to have are some photographs, and second hand accounts.

The Professor is of course still looking for those to join him on his expedition. He plans to reach the plateau and valley via dirigible. Those brave or in this reporters opinion foolish enough to join him can be expected to…

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The Player Bits

You are one of those intrepid or crazy individuals who have decided to join Prof. Doyle (Or hell maybe the Prof Himself. I might be open to the idea). The people coming with the Professor are varied to say the least. Scientists, glory hounds, reporters, big game hunters, even just a few nature nuts have agreed to come. OR maybe you are just some hired muscle to keep the Prof. and his people safe. Or just Zambo. They guy who carries the heavy stuff. Thanks Zambo. Options for character creation are very open. Which leads us to the next point…

I am planing to play fairly fast and lose with certain things, pokemon types, how certain classes work and new species in particular. I plan to add a few species as we go, some ‘extinct’ and some alternate evolutions too. As well as how some features work/are regarded in the world. If you are curious just ask me. There ARE mass produced pokeballs, it is near or at the modern age of technology. All classes are available as are all equipment options. Even Engineer.

I expect most if not all combat will be full contact.

Character Info

Starting Trainer Level: 3
One Pokemon To Be Approved: Think of something common place. A meowth, or liepard or lilipup, ect.
Pokemon Level 5 (Egg moves to be agreed upon)

You will also receive another pokemon upon either the first session or a mini before hand.

The Lost Region